We have several Tai Chi clubs all around Iran which are almost 40 centers in Tehran, Shiraz, Kish Island, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, etc.
The rehearsal exercises in these clubs consist of:
Warm up exercises
Tai Chi Standard Forms
Tai Chi Traditional Forms
Tui Shou(Push Hands)
Chikung and meditations

We also have some facilities for English language people who are enjoyed to learn Tai chi in our clubs. For further information regarding timetables and other information, kindly please contact the below number:
Master Katoozi: 00989122012242
Central Office: 00982188327871
Fax: 00982188327870
Email: info@iranyangtaichi.com


Germany : 
Mr. Amir Noori Shirazi
Tel : +49 176 320 43 904
Email: amir.noorishirazi@gmail.com